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The AI age is here, and while Apple’s finally hopped on board with its planned rollout of Apple Intelligence later this year, you don’t need to wait to start experimenting with it on your phone or tablet — and that includes Android, too.

There is already a whole host of apps with AI-powered features in them, but here we’re rounding up more Chatbot-style options for your mobile platform of choice, from Claude and ChatGPT to tech giant offerings like Gemini and Copilot.

Here’s our rundown of the best AI apps around right now.

Anthropic Claude

  • Pricing: Free/$20 per month
  • Platforms: iOS

Anthropic’s Claude app is currently iOS only after making its debut on the platform last month, and offers an AI assistant that can help with analyzing data, producing text, and pretty much anything else you can ask of it.

It does a good job of remembering prior conversations, too, so you don’t feel like you need to start from scratch each time.

OpenAI ChatGPT

  • Pricing: Free/$20 per month
  • Platforms: iOS/Android

One of the trailblazers of generative AI, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is free to use for users on GPT 3.5, but you’ll get access to 4 and 4o if you opt for the Plus plan.

The chatbot itself is solid, but you also gain the use of custom GPTs and DALL-E image generation, as well as early access to new features as they arrive.


  • Pricing: Free/$20 per month
  • Platforms: iOS/Android

Focused on offering a boundless amount of knowledge at your fingertips, Perplexity feels like a Chatbot/search engine hybrid.

You only get five Pro…

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