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Cutting-Edge gaming mouse pads offer a unique blend of reflective visual enhancements, extended durability, and exceptional smoothness.

[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, a leading global computer hardware brand for gamers, announces the release of its new gaming mouse pads – AGILITY GD72 GLEAM EDITION and AGILITY GD22 GLEAM EDITION, a groundbreaking development for the gaming community. Made with unique MSI Gleam Cloth surface, these mouse pads feature captivating visual reflections while maintaining a smooth and precise surface for exceptional mouse movement. It’s non-stick and even more durable than a conventional mouse pad fabric surface, making it a reliable choice for extended gaming sessions.


Designed to cater to the discerning needs of professional gamers and enthusiasts, the MSI GLEAM CLOTH surface is made of eco-friendly TPU material injected with glass beads to achieve a combination of performance and eye-catching aesthetics. It features a 100% smooth and non-stick surface which encourages stutter proof gaming, splash proof surface, and unmatched durability.


The AGILITY GD72/GD22 gaming mouse pads have a specially engineered fast-cooling surface. Crafted for peak performance, the fast-cooling surface ensures cooling comfort during extended play. The mouse pads incorporate seamlessly stitched anti-fray edges to extend the durability and prevent any curling along the edges. Additionally, an anti-skip and shock-absorbing rubber base that keeps the mouse pad securely in place.

The AGILITY GD72’s size is 900 x 400 x 3 mm and AGILITY GD22 is 320 x 220 x 3mm. They will soon be available for purchase worldwide.

– Stunning reflective visual effects
– Zero gaps, 100% smooth without resistance
– 150% more durable than conventional fabric mouse pads
– 100% splash proof
– Fast-cooling surface for comfort …

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