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“Where did I put it?” It’s a thought most people can relate to after losing their belongings. Samsung Electronics is putting an end to searching and stressing with the Galaxy SmartTag2 — a mobile accessory released in October that provides a simple, convenient solution for locating items.

Just two years after the launch of its predecessors, the Galaxy SmartTag2 has returned with a design upgrade and substantial feature enhancements based on user feedback.

Samsung Newsroom sat down with Dalwon Kim and Kiyoung Kwon, Product Planners of the Galaxy SmartTag2 at Samsung Electronics, to discuss key aspects of the product and its improvements.

▲ (From left) Dalwon Kim and Kiyoung Kwon, Product Planners of the Galaxy SmartTag2.

Rugged Design: IP67-Rated Usability With Metal Loop

Building off valuable user insights gathered during the launch of the Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag+, the Galaxy SmartTag2 was developed with a focus on the user experience to improve comfort and increase satisfaction.

The most noticeable change with the Galaxy SmartTag2 is its design — reducing the product size and thickness resulted in a more portable device. The new metal loop improves functionality and adds an air of sophistication to the product.

▲ The Galaxy SmartTag2 Silicon Case (sold separately) allows users to carry their devices safely and conveniently.

“After analyzing thousands of reviews of the previous iterations, we noticed some feedback about minor inconveniences that affect the user experience,” explained product planner Dalwon Kim. “Our goal for this version was to create a design that is smaller, lighter and attachable anywhere. We also wanted to make sure the battery was not easily…

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