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Ride-hailing company InDrive does not intend to topple down market leader Grab Philippines, which has been cornering the four-wheel segment for several years now. When InDrive established a local presence last year, its goal was simple and grounded: to become a reliable alternative for Filipinos.

Roman Ermoshin, InDrive director of Asia-Pacific Region, stresses the need to provide customers more options when it comes to transportation services amid the increasing mobility postpandemic.

In the Philippines, for example, Ermoshin says passengers who do not have private cars only rely on one ride-hailing platform to go in and out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport for their flights. This poses a problem in case a user finds technical difficulties with the app for whatever reason, he says. So, what then?

Apart from this, passengers already find it challenging to book a ride going out of the international gateway given the high demand.

This is where InDrive comes in, says Ermoshin, who was born in Russia, where InDrive has its roots.

“To be honest, we’re not planning to become number one. We know Grab’s ecosystem here,” Ermoshin humbly tells the Inquirer. The super app operator headquartered in Singapore has been dominating the local ride-hailing market since 2018 after purchasing rival Uber.

“We’re just going to be second alternative to them and give options to drivers and passengers to choose between us and Grab,” Ermoshin says.

“That’s fine,” he continues, acknowledging the company always has competitors in all the markets where it is available. “Competition is always good.”


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