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Windows 11 24H2 is many months away from release and is currently being fine-tuned in the Insider program. AMD recently released the new chipset drivers version for Windows 11 24H2.

Chipset drivers help the operating system communicate effectively with the motherboard components. This new driver release ensures compatibility with the upcoming feature update of Windows 11.

The AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver installation package bundles many smaller drivers related to various components. This release includes support for the following motherboard series:

  • AMD WRX90/TRX50
  • AMD WRX80
  • AMD TRX40
  • AMD X670E/ X670
  • AMD B650E / B650
  • AMD X570
  • AMD B550
  • AMD A520
  • AMD X399
  • AMD X470
  • AMD B450
  • AMD X370
  • AMD B350
  • AMD A320

All Ryzen processor series, from the Ryzen 2000 series (mobile and desktop) to the latest Threadripper Pro series, are supported. Sadly, the Ryzen 1000 series processors, which debuted in 2016, won’t receive this chipset driver update.

The official changelog doesn’t mention anything in detail and highlights that the new drivers include bug fixes and “new program support.”

To download the latest Ryzen chipset drivers, visit the official download link. AMD also has a super-helpful and detailed guide to help you install the drivers without any difficulty.

AMD does warn about a few problems that you may face while installing this driver:

  • Some driver names on a non-English OS may appear in English.
  • The Uninstall Summary may incorrectly display the uninstall status as Failed.
  • Occasionally, Ryzen PPKG may not install/upgrade.

However, AMD will patch up things in future updates for these drivers as Windows 11 24H2 reaches the stable channel users (presumably in September or October 2024). However, AMD is planning to release…

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