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According to the latest research, the blockchain emerges as a key technology in mitigating the possible negative effects of AI applications. 

Artificial intelligence has indeed revolutionized numerous sectors, but it has also raised doubts about ethical issues, data security, and transparency. 

Just like the blockchain, crypto also represents an essential complement to artificial intelligence, offering new perspectives for innovation and security in the digital age. Let’s see all the details below. 

How blockchain can mitigate the negative impacts of AI apps 

As anticipated, blockchain and cryptocurrencies emerge as key tools to mitigate the risks associated with AI, providing innovative solutions to authenticate content and verify identities.

The advent of intelligenza artificiale (IA) generative has posed new challenges to policymakers on how to regulate these powerful technologies.

However, with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to guide AI towards beneficial uses and create a safe and transparent digital ecosystem.

One of the crucial questions is how to ensure the authenticity of the content in a context where any media can be generated synthetically. 

Deepfakes, in particular, represent a significant threat, as they can be used to impersonate public figures or to dismiss authentic media as false. 

A recent example is the use of a deepfake of the President Biden to discourage voters in the New Hampshire primaries.

The solution to these problems might lie in blockchain technologies, which offer immutable ledgers to verify the authenticity of images and videos.

Organizations like the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) are developing technical standards to address this challenge, but the results are still…

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