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You can utilize apps like Cryptomator to keep sensitive files safe on your Android device. However, it depends on the type of file you want to protect.

For instance, investment receipts, they aren’t necessarily sensitive documents that can compromise your online identity. But, it is a valuable document that you wouldn’t want other applications (with file access) to go through on your device, right?

So, what you need is a separate storage space which other applications can’t access? How do you that?

That’s where this new app, Safe Space helps.

Safe Space: It’s Simple and Useful for Some Users

Some Android devices have applications like Secure Folder pre-installed by your manufacturer (like Samsung, in this case).

But, for those who do not have any such pre-installed utility, and Safe Space can be a free and open-source app to utilize.

Safe Space utilizes Android’s internal storage default security mechanism, which gives an app-specific protected space to your files. It does not add an encryption layer separately. So, this app is not fit everyone, like activists under the radar of the government.

Source: Android Security Guidelines

It is a fairly new app under active development. I just found the concept simple, you might want to contribute to the project to help improve it.

You can add all kinds of files, and it seems you can also add secure notes.

By default, the app is protected by a PIN (it prompts you to create it when you launch it for the first time). You can head to the settings and enable biometrics.

There’s also an import/export functionality if you want to back up/restore.

There are a few hiccups that I see with the app as of now, the in-app camera/video did not work.

And, I would like to see a functionality like Samsung’s Secure Folder, where the file that…

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