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The latest move from Apple was to approve Epic Games’ case in the European Union for launching its third-party app store in the region, with a soon availability of this platform on iOS. This was after Apple rejected its request to bring over its app marketplace to EU’s iOS twice, with Epic recently criticizing Cupertino’s decision via its social media account. 

It was revealed that the latest reason for its app marketplace’s rejection of Apple’s platform was its similarities to the App Store.

Apple Approves Epic Games’ Third-Party App Store in the EU

After fighting for their rights to deliver a third-party app marketplace for iOS in the EU, Apple let go of its massive hold against Epic Games and has approved its application, according to Reuters. This was after Epic Games applied for it twice and got rejected both times, with the latest rejection resulting in a post from Epic criticizing Apple’s move. 


For now, Epic Games’ third-party iOS app marketplace is still in the works. The company claims it will drop in several months but is on track for this year. 

This dedicated third-party app store will only be available in the EU and will feature Epic apps and games, including the long-awaited return of Fortnite to iOS in the region.

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Epic Games’ Complaint Against Apple’s Initial Rejection

Before this approval, it is known that  Epic Games posted a massive thread via X that talked about its third-party app marketplace’s rejection on Apple’s platform in the EU earlier today. The company said that Apple claimed that Epic’s app store has similarities to…

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