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Apple Inc. and Google LLC said Thursday they will continue to engage with Japanese regulators, a day after the country’s parliament enacted a law to curb the technology giants’ dominance in the smartphone app market.

Apple said in a statement, “We will continue our engagement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission during the implementation period.” It added that it remains “concerned about how the law will impact Japanese consumers and the secure and private iPhone experience our users have come to expect.”

The new law, expected to take effect by the end of 2025, prohibits the providers of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone operating systems, app stores and payment platforms from preventing the sale of apps and services that directly compete with the native platforms’ own.

Google said in a separate statement, “We have proactively engaged with the government to explain our practices in and contributions to this dynamic and highly competitive sector. We will continue to collaborate with the government and industry stakeholders throughout this process.”

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