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There were concerns ahead of the Apple Vision Pro launch about the number of native apps available for the headset. Those worries have now been put to bed, with more than 1,000 native apps on offer, but despite that encouraging turnaround there are still problems with finding and downloading apps on the Vision Pro.

The “1,000” figure comes from Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Greg Joswiak, who stated in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that the device has now soared past initial estimates.

In the post, Joswiak said “A huge thank you to our developers! Their hard work has already resulted in over 1,000 incredible spatial apps designed specifically for Vision Pro, along with over 1.5 million compatible apps. We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.”

Native Vision Pro apps make use of the device’s features and format, for instance with larger buttons and small, interactive menus that Apple calls ‘ornaments.’ Non-native (but compatible) apps, on the other hand, are simply ports of iPad apps that automatically work on the Vision Pro, and are housed in flat, 2D windows just like on Apple’s tablets.

On February 1, the day before the Vision Pro launched, its App Store was said to be stocked with around 600 apps. That’s more than the 500 that debuted on the original iPhone, but much less than the roughly 2,300 native apps that came with the first iPad.

App discovery issues

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However, while the numbers are encouraging, it’s not all rosy on the Vision Pro apps front. Tom Ffiske of Immersive Wire (via AppleInsider) spoke to several Vision Pro app developers to get their initial thoughts on the experience of building software for the headset, and the verdict was mixed.

It looks like…

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