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Windows 11 KB5035853 update and recent driver updates, released in March 2024, could make your Asus ROG Ally and other AMD hardware slower than usual and cause performance issues. Rog Ally users are experiencing massive performance drops after installing the recent March 2024 update.

Windows Latest reader Dixit Patel, who owns multiple AMD devices, commented in our previous post, adding that “it [performance issue] happens only with AMD owners. I have an Asus Rog Ally and an AMD-powered laptop. Both of them stutter and games run at 60 fps. Stats via MSI afterburner show 60 fps, but it is sluggish and feels like they run at 15 fps.”

Other users have also reached out to Windows Latest to document their performance issues on Asus Rog Ally. We also spotted multiple Reddit threads where Rog Ally owners shared their gaming handheld performance woes. Even super old games like DOOM 2 are stuttering and completely unplayable after installing the update.

“I’m experiencing some bad performance on Baldur’s Gate 3. Even when playing everything on Low, 900p and 20W, it doesn’t go any higher than 40fps and suddenly drops down to less than 20fps and lots of stuttering. When it happens, I always notice the GPU with 800mHz (not sure about the unit here),” one of the affected users noted in a Reddit thread.

Another Reddit user highlighted that the device consumed decent power but struggled while playing games. World of Warcraft worked like a charm before but managed merely 30-40 FPS after the new update, along with abrupt stuttering.

However, after disabling the In-game Overlay feature, some of you should be able to play games without stuttering.

How to fix Asus Rog Aly performance issues

Method 1: Try disabling the in-game overlay…

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