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Qualcomm recently said it’s planning to launch Snapdragon X Elite products with the new version of Windows in mid-2024, and it’s working with its partners. It turns out Samsung is also building its own Snapdragon X Elite-powered Galaxy Book4 Edge, and the new benchmark reveals exciting performance upgrades.

Windows Latest has spotted a new benchmark on Geekbench (a website to test devices performance) called “Galaxy Book 4 Edge”. What’s really interesting is the name of the new Samsung hardware. It looks like it’s a new sub-brand of the Galaxy Book lineup, specifically made for Windows 11 on ARM.

It is important to note that Samsung doesn’t have any laptops called “Edge,” so it’s likely that this would be the new sub-brand for Windows 11 on ARM devices. Moving forward, let’s discuss the performance of the benchmarked Snapdragon X Elite, which is quite impressive.

Benchmark of the leaked Galaxy4 Edge | Image Courtesy:

As shown in the above screenshots and our analysis, the main scores are: Single-Core Score: 2,706 and multi-core Score: 12,646.

If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts of the scores, they basically tell us how well the chip performs tasks that use just one core of the CPU or multiple cores at the same time. This Galaxy Book4 Edge uses Snapdragon X Elite XE8100100 with 12 cores, and the “Base Frequency” is 4.01 GHz.

It is also worth noting that the power plan set on the benchmarked laptop is “Balanced,” which means these numbers would be significantly better compared to “Performance” mode. Here are some additional details of the device from our analysis:

  • Runs Windows 11 Home (64-bit), but there’s no mention of “Version 24H2” or “Windows 11 Preview”. This…

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