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CHICAGO (WLS) — Robberies involving criminals stealing money from people’s payment apps are on the rise.

In the case of one Chicago victim, who was robbed at gunpoint, said even though her robbery was caught on camera, she still had to reach out to the I-Team to help get her money back from the bank.

“All three of them armed with guns, masks, hooded, demanding all of our stuff. One of them started chasing my friend,” said Victoria Karwowski. “They were all holding their guns up to me, telling me to give them my passcode to my phone.”

After they took her phone, the armed robbers forced her to give them the password access to Chase bank app. They then transferred money out of her Chase bank account, using the digital payment network Zelle.

“They sent themselves all the money in my account,” she said.

Fortunately, neither Karwowski nor her roommate were hurt but the thieves took nearly $1,700.

“It’s a very traumatizing experience,” Karwowski said. “I was so on edge and so unwell.”

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Chase credited her the money while they investigated the case, but within weeks the bank closed the case, stating the transaction was “authorized.”

With her police report and video of the robbery, she escalated the case two more times with Chase but lost all of her claims. That’s when Karwowski contacted the I-Team, who reached out to Chase and Zelle. Within a few days, Chase sent a refund to Karwowski.

“To have it back and kind of close that chapter altogether, and not having to worry about it anymore, was just so relieving,” she said. “I don’t think that that would have been able to happen without the I-Team.”

Chase told the I-Team, “We’re sorry Ms. Karwowski experienced this stressful situation.”…

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