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A number of Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) companies are seeing greater demand for their social media applications in overseas markets, as adoption on the mainland has been slower by comparison.

Shanghai-based MiniMax – a generative AI start-up that counts South China Morning Post owner Alibaba Group Holding as a major investor – has become a prime example of such overseas success on the back of its Talkie app, which saw its traffic more than double to 1.32 million views in May, according to, a site that tracks the popularity of AI products worldwide.

The Talkie AI app, which competes in a market segment led by, enables users to customise avatars and interact with virtual chat buddies. Although reached 318 million views last month, Talkie’s more than 150 per cent monthly growth rate was faster than its rival’s 21.6 per cent monthly growth rate, according to

Meanwhile, the Talkie app’s Chinese version, Xingye, amassed just 422,000 views in May, data showed.

The comparatively weak showing of the app’s mainland version is in stark contrast to the growing momentum for Chinese generative AI apps in international markets.

In the United States, for example, Talkie has been ranked among the top six entertainment apps on Apple’s App Store since May 20, according to market intelligence provider

The ranking of Chinese version Xingye, according to, shifted between 29th and 8th place on the mainland App Store’s social networking category during the same period.

MiniMax co-founder Yan Junjie, a former executive at Chinese AI giant SenseTime, last month said there was “more free competition in many foreign markets” because the mainland…

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