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Copilot will finally behave like a normal app on your PC, as Microsoft has started experimenting with an adaptive UI that can be moved around the screen. This change is shipping with Windows 11 Build 26080 and will become available for everyone in an upcoming cumulative update.

Right now, when you click the Copilot button on the Windows 11 taskbar, it opens as a panel on the right side of the desktop. You can undock it, but it only allows you to stretch or resize towards the left side, as it is still “docked” to the right. In other words, you’re forced to use Copilot on the right side of the desktop whether you like it or not.

In Build 26080 or newer, Microsoft is making it possible to completely undock Copilot from the right side and use it as a normal app. This was one of the most requested features for Copilot, and it’s finally here in the preview builds. It’s unclear when the feature will go live for everyone, but it could arrive in production in a few months or sooner.

Move Copilot like Cortana

Additionally, Microsoft fixed an issue where Copilot does not show up on the taskbar if you turn it off and back on. Similarly, Copilot is getting some other good stuff, including the ability to open on hover, transfer files using Power Automate, and more.

Copilot isn’t the only update in Build 26080. Some other improvements are also rolling out with the the update.

Other improvements in Windows 11 Build 26080

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 Build 26080 is a new built-in Microsoft Teams app that uses React, Microsoft Edge WebView, and Fluent to unify the experience. The new Teams app is unified, and it lets you use personal or work accounts without installing additional apps.

Windows 11 Build 26080 also adds the Live…

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