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If you’re wanting to spend your money more wisely this year, the CoPilot app may help.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — With the price of everything seemingly on the rise, millions of Americans are tracking nearly every dollar they spend and earn.

That isn’t always easy to do, though. Smartphone apps can help but a popular budgeting app is getting pulled from app stores.

Intuit, the company behind Quickbooks, is killing the popular app budgeting app “Mint” that’s been around for a long time. Mint users are looking for something else. If you’re looking to track spending and stick to a budget, one of the best options is the “Copilot Money” app.

Copilot has many of the same features as “Mint”. Here’s how it works:

Once you connect your bank and credit card accounts to Copilot, it tracks all the money going in and coming out automatically.

Do you pay for Netflix every month? Copilot anticipates that payment to help you adjust your budget, if need be, and shows how much you have left to spend to stay on track. Copilot shows how much you have left to spend. The app also constantly updates the information. You can find every transaction in one place so it’s easy to see if you’ve been eating out more than you should.

It’s great for creating budgets. It allows users to set limits on categories such as eating out and shopping. One glance at the app to see balances for all of your accounts.

That includes any investments in the stock market, funds and crypto.

What about security? Copilot uses bank-level encryption for both security and privacy. If you’re comfortable with online banking, you should have worries about the app. But it is critical to use a strong password of 14 characters with no common words.

Copilot Money is only…

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