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Second day of event focuses on the expansion of generative AI, with presentations from leading researchers and showcase of Samsung Gauss.

Samsung Electronics today hosted the second day of the Samsung AI Forum 2023, which was led by Samsung Research and focused on generative AI. The rapid progress of generative AI technology is a paradigm shift that is expected to reshape both daily life and work. As such, the forum engaged AI experts from the industry and academia to discuss and share the development and the latest technological trends of AI, and introduced Samsung Gauss, the generative AI model developed by Samsung Research.

“We will continue to support and collaborate with the industry and academia on generative AI research.” said Daehyun Kim, Executive Vice President of the Samsung Research Global AI Center, in his welcoming speech.

During the first morning session, Dr. Hyung Won Chung from OpenAI — an AI research and deployment company — explained the operation of large language models (LLMs) during his speech, titled, “Large Language Models (in 2023)” and addressed the challenges they face at each stage, as well as their future trajectory.

Then Jason Wei, a researcher at OpenAI and author of the “Chain-of-Thoughts” paper, discussed how LLMs will drive a paradigm shift in AI through his presentation, “New Paradigms in the Large Language Model Renaissance.”

In addition, Korea University Professor Hongsuck Seo presented some of the trends in multimodal AI technology capable of processing various data types simultaneously — including text and images — during his session, “Towards multimodal conversational AI.”

In the afternoon, graduate students from prominent domestic…

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