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It’s no secret that gaming desktop hardware already costs an arm and a leg, but these costs are even more severe in the realm of gaming laptops. The tight balance required to maintain high quality while packed in a thin and light machine results in a nightmarishly expensive product. These often reach a price that’s far more than anyone should pay for a gaming laptop.

Some have accepted that this is just the harsh reality. If they want a powerful gaming laptop like the $3,699 Asus ROG Strix Scar 18, it’s seen as unavoidable. People believe that is the price they need to pay for that sort of power. But at some point, someone needs to put their foot down. Someone needs to say, “that’s too much.”

If you believe you have no choice but to spend that much cash on a gaming laptop, think again: Do not, under any circumstances, throw more than $3,000 at a gaming laptop. We’ve previously covered how buying an RTX 4080 laptop or higher is setting your money on fire, so to add onto those words of warning, anything above three grand is a huge waste of cash for most gamers.

$3,000+ gaming laptops are a waste of money

The power of a gaming laptop isn’t remotely comparable to what its desktop counterpart can accomplish. Laptops do not have the internals to accommodate the enormity of modern dedicated GPUs, which is why “mobile” equivalents are developed with the same name. It is a questionable business tactic to call a laptop RTX 4070 the same as a desktop RTX 4070, as the two are drastically different, except one has “mobile” in the title. This is an important thing to look out for because some vendors don’t make this clear.

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Comparing the specifications of a standard RTX 4070 to a RTX 4070 mobile illustrates these differences. The desktop RTX 4070 features a 1,920 MHz base clock speed, 2,475 MHz boost clock speed, 12GB of vRAM,…

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