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Microsoft got some relief from the EU in the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The regulatory body earlier designated Bing, Edge browser, and Microsoft Advertising as Gatekeepers. However, after Microsoft and Apple’s requests, the body decided to conduct an in-depth analysis on September 5, 2023.

On February 13, 2024, the commission announced the closure of these open investigations and decided that these services no longer fall under the Gatekeeper category. So they won’t have to ensure interoperability with their competitors.

If the EU didn’t exclude these services from the category, they would have to open doors and make them accessible. It would affect their monopolistic control of a specific market, as per the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Previously, Microsoft highlighted two new interoperability points in Windows 11. App developers can now position their products in the Feeds in the Windows Widgets Board and Web search in the Windows Search section. Moreover, users get more control over what appears on their feed and can disable them.

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EEA users can rejoice that the Digital Markets Act will help them exercise more control over the Windows operating system. But users outside the EEA are still stuck with what Microsoft deems as useful with little control over its features, default apps, search engine, and data collection practices.

Windows 11 and 10 Will Fully Comply to DMA by March 6, 2024

Microsoft announced that it will offer updates for Windows 11 and 10 PCs, which will abide by the new regulatory practices. After installing the update, you can uninstall Microsoft Edge and switch to another browser permanently if you like.

Similarly, you can remove Web…

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