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Framework products are now available to order in three more countries: Italy, Spain, and Belgium! That includes Framework Laptop 13, Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders, and the range of modules and parts in the Framework Marketplace. We have Italian, Spanish, and Belgian keyboard layouts available as well. This brings the total number of countries we’re in up to 12 (US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Italy, Spain, Belgium) and we’re still on track to open ordering in Taiwan later this summer. We know there are more of you out there who want upgradeable, repairable, customizable products, and we’re continuing to build the infrastructure to expand to more of the world. We prioritize countries based both on the operational complexity and on community interest. The best way to help us gauge demand is by signing up for the waitlist for your country.

13th Gen Intel Core now in stock

We’ve shipped out the last batch of pre-orders, and the Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel® Core) is now in stock and shipping from inventory, including for shipments to the three new countries. This means after placing an order, your laptop will ship within five business days from our warehouse in Taiwan. If you’re past the point of repair on your current system and are looking for a high-performance, upgradeable, repairable notebook, check out the reviews from The Verge, Tom’s Guide, and Ars Technica to figure out if a Framework Laptop 13 is for you.

Framework Laptop 16 developer initiatives

When we first announced Framework Laptop 16 in…

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