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Teddy Solomon just moved to a new house in Palo Alto, so he turned to the Stanford community on Fizz to furnish his room.

“Every time I show up to buy something from somebody, I grill them about the marketplace, because I’m really curious about their experience,” Solomon, a co-founder of Fizz, told TechCrunch. He’s particularly psyched about the $100 TV he got from a grad student who was about to move out for the summer.

“Did you tell him who you were?” asked Rakesh Mathur, the longtime entrepreneur and investor that Solomon brought in to be CEO of Fizz.

“Yeah, because I asked him like, 100 questions about the marketplace,” Solomon deadpanned.

When TechCrunch first met Fizz’s Stanford dropout co-founders in 2022, the anonymous social media platform – which has separate communities for individual school campuses – was only at about a dozen colleges. Now, the app is operating on 240 college campuses and 60 high schools, and the team has expanded to 30 full-time staff and 4,000 volunteer moderators across schools. Fizz has raised $41.5 million across multiple funding rounds, powering the app’s growing presence in campus culture.

Even in those earliest conversations, Solomon mentioned Fizz’s plans to open a marketplace, where students can buy and sell things like clothes, textbooks, bikes and more. College students are often making these kinds of transactions since they’re moving between dorms every year, and maybe they want some money back for their lightly used calculus textbook.

Solomon thinks that the market for a local, Gen Z-focused buying and selling platform is wide open.

“There’s that kind of stigma around, like, if I sell something on Craigslist, I might get kidnapped,” Solomon…

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