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We’re happy (and relieved) to share that after working our way through our largest set of pre-orders ever, Framework Laptop 16 is now in stock and shipping from inventory. This means that orders placed now ship within 1-2 weeks, and soon within 5 business days to all 14 countries we currently deliver to. We’ll be adding Denmark, Sweden, and Finland later this month as well.

To complete pre-orders as quickly as possible, we more than doubled manufacturing capacity at our factory in Taiwan. That extra infrastructure won’t be going to waste, since we’re a few weeks away from starting production ramp on the new Framework Laptop 13 (Intel Core Ultra Series 1). Our manufacturing setup is flexible and modular, so we balance it between Framework Laptop 16, both the AMD and Intel-powered Framework Laptop 13 models, and the various modules on the Marketplace.

It’s been amazing to see the continuing positive response to Framework Laptop 16 from both customers and press. Bringing high performance, input customization, graphics upgradeability, and repairability to a slim form factor is making sense to people! Wendell at Level1Techs did a great deep dive on setting up DIY Edition and installing Linux.

Software updates

Getting a product through production and into your hands is just the start. Designing a product to last means continuing to update it, support it, and extend on it as we go. We recently released BIOS and driver updates for Framework Laptop 16 that improve performance and compatibility, and we’ve updated guides around the latest Linux distros like Ubuntu 24.04 (which is apparently higher performance than Windows!) and Fedora 40. We have an exciting hardware roadmap ahead as well. During a tour of our manufacturing partner TUL last week, Linus Tech Tips…

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