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DETROIT – Samsung TV owners can now download Local 4′s free streaming app, Local 4+, without needing a different device.

The Local 4+ streaming app is available in the Samsung app store, just search WDIV or Local 4, and download to start streaming. It was already available for Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire devices.

  • Live stream the news: Whenever we’re on the air with local news, we’re streaming on Local 4+ — it’s just another way you can watch your favorite news broadcast, wherever you are.
  • Exclusive news broadcasts: Watch exclusive newscasts weekdays at 7 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., streaming only on Local 4+
  • Weather updates: Local 4+ features the latest video forecast and weather details from the 4Warn Weather team, including live, 24-hour streaming radar.
  • Video on-demand: You can find all of the stories you may have missed — or the ones you just want to watch again. Our video library offers all of our most recent stories, from breaking news, to Help Me Hank to Local 4′s special primetime programs. It’s all there for you to watch whenever you want!
  • Live streaming coverage: Any time we have a live press conference, a live event of any kind, or maybe we’re live at the scene of a story — we’ll be live on Local 4+! You can also find national live streams, like speeches from Washington D.C., updates on big stories and more. If we have a live feed, it’s up on Local 4+
  • Live cams: Local 4+ carries all of our 24-hour live cameras, including those in Downtown Detroit, at Detroit Metro Airport, in Mount Clemens and in Ann Arbor…

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