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  1. Google Chrome is introducing a “Performance Panel” similar to Microsoft Edge’s “browser essentials” to allow users to manage performance-related features.
  2. This new panel is part of Google’s larger plan to emphasize its browser’s speed, efficiency, and security. One key feature, called “Memory Saver”, will prioritize memory for active tabs, releasing memory from inactive ones to ensure efficient usage.
  3. Another potential feature is a battery-saving mode, which will prompt users to activate it when their device’s battery level drops to 20%. Chrome’s new panel offers benefits similar to Microsoft Edge’s dashboard.

Google is copying Microsoft Edge’s “browser essentials,” a performance dashboard that lets you keep track of memory usage, including sleeping tabs and tabs performance. This new feature, “Performance Panel”, is coming to Google Chrome on Windows 11 and macOS in the next few months.

We don’t know how Chrome could help you save memory through the performance panel, but the company may let users monitor memory consumption. This feature appeared on Chromium Gerrit posts over the past several weeks, and it’s slated for release on Windows 11 and macOS in the upcoming months.

Chrome’s performance panel is part of Google’s broader strategy to highlight the efficiency, speed, and security underpinning its browser.

In a Chromium bug post, a Google engineer highlighted that the search engine giant is in the final phases of designing this performance…

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