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Copilot window on Windows 10 | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com.

Microsoft Copilot is officially coming to Windows 10 in the coming weeks, but you can turn it on today. To enable Copilot on Windows 10, you need to join the Release Preview Channel, download Build 19045.3754 (KB5032278), and make some changes to the operating system, including the registry.

Shortly after bringing Copilot to Windows 11 in September, Microsoft recently confirmed its plans to launch Copilot on Windows 10 in the coming weeks. Copilot on Windows 10 also uses Microsoft Edge’s WebView, but it has several limitations. For example, Copilot is not deeply integrated into the operating system, so you won’t be able to launch apps.

Our tests showed that Copilot on Windows 10 is essentially Bing Chat running through the Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge. The only difference is that Bing Chat can detect you’re running Windows 10, so if you ask the AI questions like ‘how to open settings’, it will show results for Windows 10, not some other platforms.

A closer look at Copilot in Windows 10

So, how do you use Copilot on Windows 10? It’s pretty straightforward and similar to Windows 11. You can click the new Copilot icon on the right side of the taskbar, located between the Action Center and the “Show Desktop” button.

Or you can use the Windows + C shortcut. This preview update replaces the Cortana shortcut with Copilot, but the Cortana app isn’t automatically removed.

Copilot appears as a sidebar on the right edge of your screen, and it can run alongside other apps like Chrome, File Explorer, Settings, and more. It won’t overlap with your desktop content, but it doesn’t have the option to unpin or pin the side panel, which is being tested in Windows…

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