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Image: Windows Paint with AI-powered image creator.If you’re lucky enough (included in Microsoft’s A/B tests), you can now use DALL-E-powered Image Creator in Windows 11’s native Paint app.

When Microsoft officially announced DALL-E integration in the Paint app at its Surface event, it said the feature would roll out gradually over the coming weeks.

As expected, Paint’s DALL-E integration is now rolling out to a small group of users who joined the waitlist. In a statement, a Microsoft representative confirmed the company has begun pushing the AI-powered Paint in the Dev and Canary channels of the Windows Insider Program.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough, and I have been able to test out Image Creator in Windows Paint. The Image Creator in Paint offers greater control than the DALL-E functionality integrated into Bing.com/create or Bing Chat, thanks to the “Choose a style” feature.

Microsoft is testing the “Choose a style” functionality in Paint that lets you customize the images generated by Paint’s cocreator. There are several styles to choose from, including Charcoal, Ink Sketch, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Digital Art, Photorealistic, Anime, and Pixel Art.

Based on our tests, here’s a brief explanation of the Paint’s AI styling:

  • Charcoal: Imagine telling Paint, “Create a charcoal sketch of a serene mountainscape.” The AI-powered co-creator would generate an image that mirrors the soft, textured strokes typical of charred wood, giving you a grayscale portrayal of mountains.
  • Ink Sketch: If…

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