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Today, more and more are prioritizing sleep as it relates to health. The growing interest in sleep is clear from recent trends observed with the Samsung Health app. Over the past two years, there has been a 182% increase1 in the number of users who actively tracked sleep2 at least once a week for a year. Yet despite this, the question remains: have we been sleeping well?

Samsung set out to answer this question by conducting one of the largest single sleep health studies3 ever undertaken — analyzing 716 million nights of sleep behaviors from Samsung Health users worldwide. Though interest in personal sleep health has been skyrocketing, the unfortunate reality is that the quality of sleep people get each night is, in fact, declining. The world is facing a sleep dilemma.

The World Sleeps Less — and Less Efficiently

Across the globe, average sleep duration has fallen from 7 hours and 3 minutes to 6 hours and 59 minutes globally — slipping below the essential 7-hour threshold recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. (Chart 1)

Another concerning aspect is the increase in awake time during sleep, leading to a decline in sleep efficiency — a key factor in sleep quality that is tracked by calculating the ratio of actual time asleep to the total time spent in bed each night.

This pattern was not isolated to any specific demographic or region. There was a reported decrease in sleep duration and efficiency across all sexes, age groups, and regions studied:

  • Though sleep efficiency continues to trend downward for males, females experienced the most notable decreases over the past year. (Chart 2)
  • Older demographics showed a greater decline in sleep efficiency. Notably, individuals aged over 70…

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