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In the fast-paced world of technology, ingenuity is the driving force that propels brands into the future. Samsung unveiled “Core Tech” at this year’s IFA — shedding light on the company’s vision for home appliances and commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Discover how Core Tech transforms home appliances and revolutionizes interactions with technology through this three-part series.


Samsung Newsroom is taking a closer look to explore the stories behind Samsung Core Tech in this second installment. To unlock the full potential of every home, consumers require reliable, advanced appliances that boost convenience and eliminate hassle. Samsung has identified and answered this need with Core Tech, a philosophy comprised of four key themes — Outstanding, AI-Powered, Flexible Use and Durable & Sustainable. By introducing innovative technologies across its wide range of home appliances that follow these key principles, Samsung ensures that users optimize their living spaces and enrich their homes with unparalleled efficiency and ease.



WindFree: Cooling Redefined by Tradition

A prevalent pet peeve for air conditioner users is feeling a chilly breeze that is too strong when their units are running. To solve this issue, Samsung has developed a brand-new feature inspired by the traditional Korean practice of stone ice storage, known as seokbinggo. Essentially an ancient form of refrigeration, seokbinggo managed to keep items cool without cold drafts — making it an ideal source of inspiration for this new feature.


The WindFree air conditioner was successfully launched in 2015 after four years of extensive research and development. This ‘Outstanding’ piece of technology helps…

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