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The Microsoft Surface Event is officially happening this week, and although there has been recent confusion regarding Chief Product Officer Panos Panay recently leaving the company, the event is still happening with quite a few expected announcements. We’re especially looking forward to reveals for the Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Go 4 and Surface Laptop Go 3.

But there’s a possibility that more than just Microsoft Surface laptops will be shown at this event, as we might receive new details about Windows in general alongside information regarding the company’s AI projects (sigh). But if you do care about the prospects of how big tech companies plan to use AI, you’d probably do good tuning in.

How to watch Microsoft Surface Event 2023

The Microsoft Surface Event 2023 is beginning this week on September 21 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm BT and can be watched through Microsoft’s website or YouTube. New hardware is always of interest of course and on that front we’re expecting the Surface Go 4, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and Surface Laptop Go 3. Other possibilities include new updates for Windows 11, and perhaps we’ll hear a whisper of Windows 12.

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Many people will likely show up just to see what Microsoft has planned for its future in AI. The internal company memo sent to Microsoft employees in regards to Panay leaving the company makes clear statements regarding the company’s continued focus to “build experiences that blend web, services and Windows for an AI world.” It’s clear the company is still pushing hard into this technology, and I doubt we’ll see the end of that anytime soon.

Regardless, be sure to tune in for the Microsoft Surface Event 2023 on September 21 (this Thursday) at 10 am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BT if you’re remotely interested in Surface laptops, Windows 11, or Microsoft AI. If you can’t watch the video live then you’ll still be able…

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