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Intel Innovation was two days of non-stop learning, processing, learning some more, and very little sleep. Patrick Gelsinger, easily moved from serious discussions about the Siliconomy, to explaining how AI helps his hearing aids adjust from one audio scenario to another seamlessly.

He went from would-be soccer player to humble grandfather, to inviting Acer CEO Jerry Kao on stage to announce the upcoming Intel Core Ultra (AKA Meteor Lake) chipset. In a short time, we heard members of Intel’s different project teams give briefings about everything from Generative AI to packing chips onto glass substrates.

According to Intel, “This technique will allow for continued scaling of transistors on a package to help meet the need for data-intensive, high-performance workloads like AI and will keep Moore’s Law going well beyond 2030.”

All of this should equate to, faster, more powerful chips, more open-source development opportunities, and suped-up, thinner, lightweight, laptops that sip power while delivering plugged-in performance. All while creating a more secure user experience.

AI PC Intel Core Ultra

According to Gelsinger, AI is about to “fundamentally transform, reshape and restructure the PC experience and usher in the age of the AI PC. Code named Meteor Lake, the Intel Core processor will feature the tech giants’ new NPU (neural processing unit), and integrated GPU based on the ARC architecture. Gelsinger confirmed Core Ultra also will launch on Dec. 14.

Intel’s Core Ultra represents the possible dawn of an evolution in mobile computing. Ultra will be the first consumer chiplet design enabled by Foveros packaging technology. According to Intel, and what I saw with my own eyes, Ultra should bring discrete-level graphics performance thanks to onboard Intel Arc graphics.

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Gelsinger and Acer CEO Kao, demonstrated what an upcoming Acer…

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