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Intel Corp. is pushing for more developers to start coding for the next generation of “AI PCs,” launching a new AI Acceleration program for developers, it said today.

The chipmaker first delivered its AI personal computers, which are PCs customized to run artificial intelligence workloads locally, last December when it launched its new Core Ultra chip family, which combines a central processing unit, graphics processing unit and neural processing unit into a single chipset to deliver AI acceleration.

Following that launch, a number of major PC brands have announced PCs and laptops that can perform AI-accelerated tasks such as real-time video editing. A number of big software providers, such as Adobe Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. and Zoom Video Communications Inc., have also taken advantage of the Core Ultra chips, but very few everyday applications have been made more powerful by the presence of Intel’s NPUs.

That’s what Intel is trying to change. Last year it announced an AI PC Acceleration program for larger software companies, and now it’s expanding it to small and midsized software shops.

“We have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Program by working with the ecosystem,” said Carla Rodriguez, Intel vice president and general manager of client software ecosystem enabling. “Today, with the addition of the AI PC Developer Program, we are expanding our reach to go beyond large ISVs and engage with small- and medium-sized players and aspiring developers. Our goal is to drive a frictionless experience by offering a broad set of tools including the new AI-ready Developer Kit.”

With the expanded AI PC Acceleration program, developers will find a software development kit that provides access to various AI frameworks and libraries,…

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