[Interview] “A-OK Whether It’s a Rainy Day or a Sunny Day.” The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Developing the Water- and Dust-Resistant Feature and Vision Booster Technology for Galaxy Tab S9 | Laptop News

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Tablets combine the unique capabilities of a smartphone and a laptop — offering users the best of both worlds in a single device. In the early days of tablets, users often had to be careful as the device could easily break if dropped or experience lags in performance if used outside for too long.

Given these concerns, Samsung Electronics has continued to enhance its tablets with each generation. The company’s new Galaxy Tab S9 series is its most powerful and durable iteration yet, featuring IP68-rated water- and dust-resistant1 capabilities to endure the roughest outdoor elements. For unparalleled image quality, upgraded Vision Booster technology adjusts screen brightness based on surrounding lighting conditions to make the Galaxy Tab S9 series the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Samsung Newsroom sat down with Jingyu Hwang from the New Computing (NC) Mechanical R&D Group and Wooseok Ko from the Display Group at Samsung Electronics to learn more about the creation behind the Galaxy Tab S9 series and discuss how the device came to be.

▲ (From left) Jingyu Hwang from the New Computing (NC) Mechanical R&D Group and Wooseok Ko from the Display Group.

A Tablet Built To Take on the Elements

The Galaxy Tab S9 series is equipped with water- and dust-resistant capabilities — the first among the Galaxy Tab S series. When developing the tablet, Samsung aimed to create a durable product that offers the same peak performance as its other devices. “Previous tablets that had water or dust resistance emphasized the physical durability of the product and focused less on the device’s other specifications,” said Jingyu Hwang, who was responsible for the mechanical structure, parts…

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