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After a month of beta testing, Apple has finally released its iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 update bringing in tons of features like new emojis, support for third-party app store support and the ability to select your default browser. Along with the new update, Apple has also added a new transcription feature for the Apple Podcasts app that is touted to significantly improve the podcast listening experience.

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With the onset of this new feature, Apple will automatically generate a transcript of a podcast soon after they are published. Users can then read the full text of an episode, easily navigate to the word or phrase they were looking for or even read along as the episode goes on. Apple also said that transcripts for previously released episodes will also be available ‘over time’.

While explaining the need behind this feature, Apple said, “With transcripts, users can read the full text of an episode, search the episode for a specific word or phrase, and tap on the text to play the podcast from that point in the episode. As an episode plays, each word is highlighted, making it easy to follow along.” 

Apple says it has worked on improving the accessbility of podcasts via the transcription feature by designing a font and…

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