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South Korea’s largest airline Korean Air has rolled out new architecture to modernise its critical systems and connect them with internal and partner apps.

It migrated to the cloud to keep up with customer demands, growing volumes of data, and to respond quickly to changing requirements.

The airline has also doubled load tolerance for faster transactions and create a smoother user experience. This also means systems such as cargo integration platform (CIP) and passenger integration platform (PIP) are more reliable, reducing the risk of low customer satisfaction scores.

With support from Red Hat Consulting, the airline team used Red Hat Integration and Red Hat Application Foundation to get critical apps connected and cloud ready.

Korean Air’s Moon Ji Young from the IT Strategy Department, passenger IT Team said an airline’s systems are very complex and require many applications to work together seamlessly without conflicts.

“We saw significant performance gains as a result of using Red Hat technologies,” she added.

This new environment has helped the firm to be secure and reliable with better processing power than the previous systems.

Korean Air, headquartered in the Gangseo District of Seoul, employs 17,000 people and serves 125 locations. The airline wanted IT systems to be fast, reliable, and scalable. But growing volumes of passenger data impacted system performance and disrupted daily operations. It also raised concerns on rising costs and vendor lock-in.

The firm decided to modernise IT systems and expand into the cloud to ensure providing a stable and trusted customer experience.

Transformation journey 

Korean Air’s Ahn Tae Soo from IT Strategy Department, passenger IT Team said they have to rely on middleware platforms to…

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