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In recent years, data privacy related to the usage of mobile phone applications has become an ever-warming topic.

Legislators have even spent the past year attempting to ban the use of popular social media app TikTok over what they have described as “data privacy concerns.”

Well, on that very same app, a content creator says consumers should be concerned about apps from restaurants like McDonald’s, and theorizes that they could be used to take unfair advantage of customers.

In a video posted to TikTok by user Seb (@_sebway_) that has drawn over 287,000 views, the poster encourages viewers to delete their McDonald’s app, as it may be tracking and collecting data in a price-setting scheme.

“It turns out that they’re not giving you these good deals out of the goodness of their heart,” he says in the video. “They’re actually using these deals to get you on the app so they can steal as much of your data and then take as much of your money as possible using a term called personalized pricing.”

Seb elaborates that the personalized pricing model is akin to the way pricing is set for surge pricing on Uber rides after a large event, or when a customer’s battery is low. While surge pricing is employed by Uber, the rideshare company has refuted entirely the idea that riders are charged higher fares when their batteries are low. The company does track customers’ battery data, however.

Now, this does not mean fast-food restaurants have not tried to take a page out of rideshare apps’ books. Also referred to as “dynamic pricing,” chains like Wendy’s and Burger King have already floated the idea to the public, indicating that they may opt for the pricing model in the future, much to…

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