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For viewers to enjoy content such as movies, sports games and live events to the fullest, home TVs not only need excellent picture quality but impressive sound quality as well. Understanding this, industry leaders are pursuing 3D audio development to add a deeper level of immersion to entertainment experiences — bringing to life thrilling action scenes and capturing the quietest details of ambient noise.

Put simply, 3D audio makes listeners feel as if they’re really in the middle of the action. Typically only supported at specific venues such as movie theaters or recording studios, 3D audio is making its way into homes to give viewers a new way to experience their favorite content.

Samsung Electronics’ advanced research institute Samsung Research has been striving to popularize 3D audio since 2020. To this end, Samsung worked with Google to jointly develop Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF) — an advanced 3D spatial audio technology that was adopted by the Alliance for Open Media (AOM)1 in October 2023. Samsung Newsroom sat down with the team that developed IAMF to hear the story of how the technology came to life.

▲ The Visual Technology Team at Samsung Research led the development of a standard for audio technology. (From left) SungHee Hwang, JeongHoon Park and WooHyun Nam.

A New Way To Enjoy 3D Audio at Home

Ambient noise exists everywhere — from the sound of shoes scraping on the sidewalk to the gentle hum of cars driving down the road. While this noise may seem unnecessary in media, it’s vital in adding depth and a sense of realness. 3D audio works to seamlessly blend ambient noise with conversations and other sound effects to create a more vibrant and authentic entertainment…

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