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Microsoft has added some features to Windows 10 in the build 19045.4116, which is rolling out to testers in the Release Preview Channel. The most notable one is adding Desktop Spotlight to explore different locations. All you need to do is click on the icon, and the link will redirect you to Bing in the Edge browser.

Spotlight, previously exclusive to the lock screen in Windows 10, now also works on the desktop. These Spotlight wallpapers are powered by Bing’s image of the day, and you can enable the optional feature from Personalization > Background. Finally, you can choose “Spotlight” from the dropdown menu.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can easily switch between pictures by clicking “Switch to the next picture”. You can also provide feedback to Microsoft by clicking “I like this picture” or “Not a fan of this picture. Based on your feedback, you can eventually expect desktop Spotlight wallpapers to meet your expectations.

Additionally, Windows Share now supports sharing URLs. So, you can copy URLs and directly share them on WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn. X (formerly Twitter) isn’t supported yet, but Windows 10 will include that option in the future.

Apart from these two features, the following bug fixes ship with the new build:

  • The wrong UI for Internet Options Data Settings in Microsoft Edge is fixed.
  • Remote Desktop Web Authentication problems while connecting to sovereign cloud endpoints are not a problem anymore.
  • Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) failing to work for custom desktops is fixed now.
  • Windows Hello for Business now works with Microsoft Entra ID on all apps.
  • Delayed Azure Virtual Desktop sessions are now fixed.

The bug fixes aren’t a surprise…

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