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Microsoft has confirmed that it’s aware of a new issue that could break the right-click menu of apps pinned to the taskbar. This bug affects all recent updates for Windows 10, including Windows 10 KB5039211 (June security patch), KB5037849 (May optional patch), KB5037768 (May security patch), and KB5036979 (April optional patch).

As you know, Windows 10 has a jump list feature, which is a menu that appears when you right-click apps pinned to the taskbar. It also appears when you right-click apps in the Start menu. The jump list lets you quickly access some features. For example, when WhatsApp is pinned to the taskbar, you can right-click the icon to start a new conversation or call.

Unfortunately, as some users previously told Windows Latest, Windows 10’s taskbar jump list is broken, triggering the “open with…” menu instead. In our tests, Windows Latest observed that it affects only a small number of apps and users, particularly apps that use a custom jump list.

Microsoft Teams and Outlook (new) are also affected. If you have pinned Teams or Outlook to the taskbar and right-click the shortcuts to access features like “Status, Quit, Call, etc.,” you might see the “Open with” dialog box instead.

The “Open with” dialog box typically appears when you right-click apps on the desktop and select the “Open with” option. However, a bug randomly triggers the “Open with” menu.

In an update to the support document first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft has confirmed that it has identified the fix, which will be included in an upcoming update for Windows 10 22H2.

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