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Windows 11’s latest security update, KB5034765, released on February 13, 2024, is causing much trouble among users. In an update to the support document, Microsoft finally acknowledged that many users might face errors while installing this monthly security update.

We spotted these issues soon after installing the February security update. The update installation failed numerous times, File Explorer crashed abruptly, and the taskbar vanished after logging in.

When you try to install the update, you might encounter the “Something didn’t go as planned. No need to worry – undoing changes. Please keep your computer on” error message. If you check the Event Viewer, you will find the 0x800f0922, 0x800f0982, and 0x80070002 error codes.

For some users, the update installation would begin smoothly but get stuck at 96 percent, and the PC would stop responding. But Microsoft’s updated page for this security update also mentions a workaround.

All you need to do is delete the C:\$WinREAgent folder. This folder contains temporary files that help you recover your Windows PC if an update doesn’t go as planned. But this folder is hidden by default, so you must change the File Explorer view settings to reveal the file.

Another way to fix this error is to use the Disk Cleanup tool to purge temporary Windows update and installation files. Select the Windows Update Files checkbox in the Disk Cleanup window and then proceed to delete the files.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is working to release a patch for this Windows update error, which may arrive with the next monthly update. There is another bothering issue with the KB5034765 update, which causes the taskbar to crash and even disappear in some cases. It happens only when you restart or log in to…

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