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Microsoft Copilot keeps getting better with new plugins like Suno and Spotify. If you’re subscribed to Copilot Pro, you’ll get another new feature called “Create Copilot GPTs.” This feature, now rolling out to some people, lets you build your custom GPTs in a few minutes by explaining your requirements and providing a knowledge document.

I’ve early access to the new GPT Creator in Copilot Pro, which works as well as ChatGPT’s GPTs in my tests. For those unaware, anyone can access a variety of pre-made Copilot GPTs for free, but if you want to create a new one using the ‘Create a new Copilot GPT’ option, you’ll need a Copilot Pro subscription.

Existing GPTs can serve different purposes, such as designing, vacation planning, cooking assistance, fitness training, etc. You can click “Create a new Copilot GPT” to create your own custom Copilot GPT through a simple conversation-based approach. Copilot will greet you with a friendly text offering suggestions on how to build your own GPT.

However, to access the new “Create a new Copilot GPT” option, first click the “See all Copilot GPTs” link in the right sidebar.

Finally, you’ll be on a new screen that lets you create your own GPT.

You can select any predefined GPT or your own GPT to preview it within the pop-up, or you can select the Create a new Copilot GPT option.

The default mode of Copilot GPT creator lets you create your own custom GPT in a conversational style. To describe your GPT, you’ll first need to give a short or catchy name, followed by a clear description of the AI.

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