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Windows 11 24H2 is available on Copilot+ PCs only, but it will also be available on all existing hardware in September or October. One of the significant changes is support for Wi-Fi 7, which is also referred to as 802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT). Unlike previous versions, Wi-Fi 7 with Windows 11 offers far better performance.

In a support document previously spotted by Windows Latest, Intel confirmed that Windows 11 2024 Update (widely known as version 24H2) comes with Wi-Fi 7 support. The wording of the documentation also suggested that Wi-Fi will be (initially) limited to PCs running Windows 11 24H2.

Microsoft posted a new support document on June 18 stating Windows 11 24H2 is “needed” to use Wi-Fi 7. “Note: Wi-Fi 7 is available starting with Windows 11, version 24H2,” Microsoft writes in the support document, which details what has changed and improved with Wi-Fi 7.

However, Windows 11 24H2 alone isn’t enough to support Wi-Fi 7.

You’ll also need a device with a network adapter that supports Wi-Fi. To find out whether your PC supports the new wireless standards, you can either refer to the device’s manufacturer’s documentation or follow these steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt/Terminal.
  2. Type netsh wlan show drivers.
  3. This will bring a list of all drivers installed for the wireless adapter.
  4. Under radio types, check to see if it includes 802.11be. If you see 802.11be, you have Wi-Fi 7-ready hardware. If you see 802.11ax, you have Wi-Fi 6/6e.

Also, you can find out whether your device supports WPA3 personal or Enterprise by looking at the attributes under Authentication.

What’s new with Wi-Fi 7 for Windows 11 24H2

Windows 11 2024 Update offers much better performance for internet and other wireless connections as…

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