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Windows Latest didn’t expect Copilot to seep into Edge and Windows as much as we see today. But it is a reality now, and there are already several Copilot-powered features in the Edge apart from the built-in chatbot assistant in the sidebar. As per recent feature additions to the Edge browser, Microsoft is trying to integrate Copilot into the Crypto wallet.

In a recent Edge Canary build, Microsoft added a “msCryptoWalletCopilot” feature to the browser. Windows Latest tried running the Canary version of the browser, forcibly enabling the feature by modifying its launch type.

We expected the feature to show up in the Wallet section of the browser in some form. Sadly, nothing happened. Comparing it with the previous AI-related features coming to the Edge browser, adding Copilot into the Crypto section could be helpful in several ways.

First, it is a basic glance at information, learning about recent developments in the crypto market, new coins, etc.

Secondly, Copilot could offer portfolio analysis and management features. However, money is a sensitive matter, and analyzing and suggesting changes to the portfolio seems a long stretch for Microsoft’s Copilot.

Since last year, Microsoft has been secretly testing a Crypto wallet in the Wallet section of the Edge browser.

Crypto wallet in Edge

Windows Latest previously covered the possibility of installing Edge Wallet as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on your PC.

You could pin the app on the Taskbar or Start menu and access it without launching the Edge browser.

At the same time, there were leaks about the new Crypto wallet in Edge that would help you manage your cryptocurrencies. You can access the Crypto wallet after configuring a separate password for the feature.

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