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A picture of Microsoft Edge’s old design | Courtesy: Microsoft.


  • Microsoft Edge users have reported that their saved passwords have been altered to GUID-like strings, making viewing or copying the original passwords impossible.
  • It is unclear whether this is a bug or an intentional feature, but the problem seems to be affecting multiple devices, including Windows 11, iOS, and others.
  • Users can fix this issue by resigning saved passwords under the sync settings in Microsoft Edge on both PCs and mobile devices. If you’re on iOS, reinstalling the Edge app might be necessary.

It’s not just you. Microsoft’s bug or update quietly changed saved passwords in Edge on Windows 11, iOS and other devices to GUID-like serial key strings, confusing the community. This change has allegedly made saved passwords useless for copying and pasting into other apps or websites.

For example, if your saved password for Facebook is “Hello@123”, it would appear as “6B29FC40-CA47-1067-B31D-00DD010662DA” when you try to view the saved password in Microsoft Edge.

As you probably know, Microsoft Edge’s saved passwords are stored and encrypted on the Microsoft servers and synced across your device in real-time. These passwords are also cached onto the local folder for Edge, and only Microsoft can read the data in the folder or on the server.

You can view all the passwords saved to that profile from the passwords page in the profile settings. From there, you view your saved passwords by clicking the eye icon in the list and clearing a security…

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