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It’s possible that the latest update of the new Microsoft Edge in the stable channel fixes a bug that allegedly “migrates” data from other browsers without the user’s consent.

Microsoft Edge offers a feature to easily import data from browsers like Chrome, including tabs, history, and favourites. This usually requires user permission, either during Edge setup or through settings. However, a recent bug caused Edge to copy Chrome data without consent on some users’ devices.

According to Microsoft watcher Tom Warren and other folks on X, a bug in Microsoft Edge would sometimes result in the browser launching automatically with the imported Chrome data, even if the user had not given permission. The issue particularly affected some people who recently updated their Windows systems.

Microsoft appears to have fixed this problem. I’m not 100% sure the update patches this weird behaviour, but a new Edge update (version 121.0.2277.128) is available in the Stable Channel with a specific fix for the data import feature.

It’s likely the update is related to the issue.

“Edge has a feature that provides an option to import browser data on each launch from other browsers with user consent. This feature’s state might not have been syncing and displaying correctly across multiple devices. This is fixed,” Microsoft noted in Edge’s release notes.

It’s possible Microsoft Edge’s data import feature wasn’t properly syncing settings across multiple devices.

This means a user might allow data import on one device, but Edge would still act as if permission hadn’t been granted on a different device. This flaw led to situations where Edge appeared to copy data without the user’s knowledge or consent every time it…

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