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  • Microsoft is rumoured to work on a “next-generation of Windows,” possibly called “Windows 12,” based on a three-year development cycle. However, a Microsoft employee refuted its existence on X (formerly Twitter) and quickly deleted the statement.
  • Speculation around “Windows 12” intensified when software from VMWare, ESXI Version 8, contained hints pointing to “Windows 12”. But it’s cautioned that such hints might just be for “future planning and testing” and not indicative of a definite plan.
  • Microsoft is also believed to be working on a web-first variant of Windows 12. This version aims to challenge the dominance of Chrome OS and will coexist with the traditional desktop environment, not replace it.

It’s no longer a secret that Microsoft is working on the ‘next-generation of Windows’ codenamed “Windows 24H2”. It’s widely believed the next generation of Windows will be called “Windows 12” since Microsoft has returned to a three-year development cycle.

But things took a twist when a Microsoft employee openly said that this was all just talk and there was no such thing. What’s more surprising? They quickly deleted their words from X (formerly Twitter).

Over the weekend, a Microsoft employee took to X (formerly Twitter) to address the ongoing speculation regarding the development of Windows 12. The tweet straightforwardly refuted the existence of the rumoured operating system. However, the post was retracted shortly after users started asking questions.

‘Windows 12 is not a thing,’ claimed a senior Microsoft program manager in multiple tweets, which were immediately taken down. The reasons behind the removal of the tweets remain unclear, adding a layer of mystery to the narrative….

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