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Microsoft doesn’t want Windows 10 to miss out on AI capabilities. After bringing Copilott to Windows 10, Microsoft is now adding new features “AI-powered” features to the Photos app.

For those unaware, Microsoft Photos on Windows 11 offers some cool AI tools, such as the ability to blur, replace or remove the background. These capabilities and the Google Photos-like Magic Eraser feature called “Generative erase” are coming to Windows 10 via the Microsoft Photos app.

If you’re in the Release Preview Channel, you’ll notice a new update for the Photos app in the Microsoft Store. This update enables the following features: Blur background, Remove and Replace background, and Generative erase.

Photos app background removal in Windows 10 | Image Courtesy:

As you can see in the updated Photos app for Windows 10, you can now blur the image’s background, making the subject stand out more. For example, you could remove the shallow depth of field effect or remove the background entirely using these AI features, which were previously offered via apps like Photoshop.

Another option “replaces” lets you replace the image’s background with something else. This could mean putting the subject into a completely different scene. There’s also a “Background brush tool” with a toggle switch next to it, which is currently set to ‘Off’. This tool would allow for more precise edits.

Windows 11 already has AI features in the Photos app, but Generative Erase is a new addition.

Microsoft prepares Google Magic Eraser-like feature

Microsoft Photos’ “Generative Erase” is somewhat similar to Google Magic Eraser. You’ll find the Generative Erase in the Photos app in a new “Erase” tab, which replaces the Spot…

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