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  • Microsoft is reportedly developing a Chrome OS-like, web-focused version of its upcoming Windows release, possibly named Windows 12.
  • This cloud-powered version of Windows is being touted as Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS, and it aims to cater to specific markets, especially the educational sector, but won’t replace the traditional Win32 desktop experience.
  • Microsoft has made previous attempts to modernize and create a lightweight Windows OS, such as Windows 10X, but they haven’t reached commercial release.

Multiple sources close to Microsoft and its industry partners have confirmed the Windows giant is working on a Chrome OS-like web-focused variant of its next big Windows release, commonly known as Windows 12. According to sources familiar with the development, this next-gen Windows could be the “true” answer to Chrome OS.

The cloud-powered Windows 12 is not intended to replace the traditional Win32 experience on desktops. It would be a new variant tailored for specific markets. Microsoft’s latest attempt is to create a more modern, modular, and lightweight version of Windows for low-end educational devices, setting the sights on the educational sector’s tech landscape.

Web would be one of the variants of the next-generation Windows. Microsoft has already confirmed in an internal memo that it’s forming a new team, “Windows and Web Experience”, to develop the next generations of Windows and web products.

One of the job listings also confirmed the company plans to “define and deliver the next generation…

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