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Image Courtesy: Microsoft.

Microsoft is betting big on AI for Windows, Bing and now Xbox. According to new job listings seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft has created an “Xbox Gaming AI team” to build new AI experiences for Xbox, including games and engines.

This is according to a recent job listing for Xbox Emerging Technologies. The listing calls for a Principal Software Engineer with experience in both gaming and AI, aiming to expand the Xbox Gaming AI team. The job listing was published before Microsoft’s September event, where the tech giant plans to announce new Windows 11 AI features.

Microsoft says it’s looking for a game developer who can help the team create the future of “Game AI” enhanced with deep learning and foundation models, and the tech giant expects the employee to have technical expertise in creating in-game bots. Could this mean Microsoft is also exploring AI for in-game experience? We don’t know yet.

The listing reveals that Xbox Emerging Technologies is actively looking into new and emerging technology trends to define the future of gaming. Microsoft’s new gaming team aims to move beyond traditional boundaries and put players and creators at the core of their advancements.

“The Xbox Gaming AI team is seeking a Principal Software Engineer with experience in gaming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaborate with and empower Xbox games, engines and platform teams to explore and create innovative new Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based features, tools and services,” Microsoft noted…

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