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Windows 11 24H2 is now generally and officially available for Snapdragon X Plus and X Elite-powered PCs, also known as Copilot+ PCs. In a new support document published on June 15, Microsoft quietly clarified that Windows 11 24H2 is available for Copilot+ PCs, and KB5039239 is the first big update.

“Important: Windows 11, version 24H2 is only available for Copilot+ PCs devices,” Microsoft noted in a support document first spotted by Windows Latest. This support doc specifically highlights the Windows 11 24H2 KB5039239 update, which advances Copilot+ PCs to Build 26100.863.

However, it’s worth noting that Windows 11 24H2 is not generally available for PCs with Intel and AMD chips. Microsoft tells me you can join the Release Preview Channel to try Windows 11 24H2 on Intel and AMD PCs, but remember – the experience could be buggy compared to Copilot+ PCs.

If you’ve pre-ordered one of these Copilot+ PCs, you’ll get Windows 11 KB5039239 when you check for updates. According to Microsoft, the first update for Snapdragon PCs fixes an issue where Bluetooth device is automatically set to maximum as soon as you connect your device.

Another bug has been fixed where BattlEye anti-cheat software fails to work on Snapdragon PCs, which prevents games from running on ARM64 PCs.

In our tests, Windows Latest observed that games which are not graphics-intensive work fine on Snapdragon PCs. Here’s a quick Snapdragon X Elite playing Redout 2:

In addition to gaming fixes, Microsoft has decoupled Copilot from the taskbar, which appears as an app pinned to the taskbar. Like any other app, you can remove or unpin Copilot, but the AI is still deeply integrated into Windows.

On Copilot+ PCs, the built-in NPU chip can generate and remove image…

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