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Surface Duo 3 isn’t happening, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft cannot patent its next-gen foldable or dual-screen mobile devices. On February 29, the USPTO published a new patent titled “Foldable computing device spine cover plate,” which details a Galaxy Z Fold-like device with an interesting single-folding tech called “spine cover plate”.

The patent application detailed by Windows Latest shows off a new device with a “flexible display”. It’s somewhat similar to the Galaxy Z, but it uses a new spine cover plate mechanism, which is a component that protects the built-in hinge. Per the patent, the spine cover plates cover the structural element where the device folds and protects it.

So, what makes this patented phone unique? According to the patent, Microsoft is exploring a spine cover plate that smartly adjusts as and when you unfold or fold the phone. Unlike other foldable, which might leave gaps when folded or crease on the display, Microsoft’s idea use the spine cover plate to reduce gaps where dust and water could sneak in.

This makes the phone more durable, and the use of a new flexible display could make the crease less visible. Then we’ve got springs inside the patented phone to help the cover glide smoothly to the right position every time.

Microsoft’s patented Surface phone is an interesting take on foldables with a spine cover plate idea

The spine cover plate isn’t a fixed component but a movable feature of the patented Surface phone. It is coupled to the hinge assembly so that it can move relative to the folding…

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